Dr. Ashish Rajendra Mehta (PRINCIPAL)

We inspire confidence, dedication and commitment in students so that they can reach to their goals successfully in their lives and to value the unity, pride and joy to being a citizen of India.

I would like to quote here few rules of conduct to ensure happy, prosperous and peaceful living : "Not failure but low aim is crime. Simple living & high thinking." Mahatma Gandhi also advised us - "हम जो नहीं  हैं, वह दिखने का ढोंग ना करे,
जो ना हो सके, उसे करने का मनोरथ ना करे।"

The purpose of teaching must be to develop distinctive inherent qualities and abilities of the students for use in their practical lives

I wish that teachers and management of this institution help students to lead their lives in accordance with the above directives in all fields, viz. academic, family, social and political. It will bring success not in their own lives but will be in the interest of welfare of the entire world.

Acting on above guidelines let us aim to build up our students as competent citizens with knowledge, discipline and regard for basic values of Indian culture.

Let me hope that the information and knowledge in the 'Sanmati' being published be revealing and useful for readers.

I further with that teachings and learning in the institute may encourage students to lead the rest of their lives in manner to add welfare of their families, societies, the nation and the world at large.