Department of Biotechnology

Amrish Nigam   Our organization has started 3 years graduation program of Biotechnology in combination with computer science and chemistry.






                       Student are being provided with separate sterility chamber for experiment of microbiology and industrial microbiology and well equipped laboratory having Un-visible spectropotometer, high speed centrifuges machine, Electrophoretic unit, Laminar air flow, B.O.D. Incubator, UV. Transilluminator, pH meter, Autoclave, Hot air over, Colony counter, etc.

The supply of P.C.R. fermentor, gel doc, Shaker is under process.

Career in Biotechnology

When most people think of opportunities for career in Biotechnology, they think of scientist in white coat in laboratory developing drug to improve the quality of life. However biotechnology has wide variety of career opportunities ranging form sales and marketing to research and development to manufacturing and quality control and Assurance.

The biotech industry continues to flourish nation wide. Not only are the total number of biotech companies increasing but employment on the biotechnology field continue to grow as well.